Images optimization

The theme uses a complex resizing process for the images and changes the images optimization to 100% for great quality. As a result the size of the images increases sometimes considerable.

If you want to change this you'll have to change the following files:

  • wp-content/themes/THEME_NAME/includes/aq_resizer.php - change in line 25 - the $quality variable, from 100 to whatever value you want
  • wp-content/plugins/krown-shortcodes/assets/aq_resize.php - same as above (this is optional! If you're theme doesn't have this plugin, don't bother)

The next step would be to  reupload the thumbnails, because otherwise you will still get the old versions. Do this change, then reupload a few thumbnails, see how it works.

Note that this step is important, because the images will not change size otherwise! And even after upload, the images are not resized automatically - you need to first  load the page where you see the image. So this is the proper chain step:

  • Do the PHP modificaton
  • Add the new image as a featured image in one of your projects
  • Have this project appear on the homepage
  • After you open the homepage and the project is seen there, the thumbnail will properly resized at the small size