Edit slider speed/stop slider

Inside  /koncept/js/scripts.min.js you should search for flexslider.mini. The rest of the code looks like this:

a(".flexslider.mini").each(fun [...] easing:"easeInQuad",animationSpeed:300,slideshow:!0 [...]

You should add the  slideshowSpeed property before the animationSpeed one. Like this:

a(".flexslider.mini").each(fun [...] easing:"easeInQuad",slideshowSpeed:7000,animationSpeed:300,slideshow:!0 [...]

And change 7000 to any value you wish (ms).

In order to completely stop the  slideshow, you need to turn the slideshow property into 0. Again, the code looks like this:

[...] animationSpeed:300,slideshow:e.hasClass("single-product")?!1:!0,directionNav:!0, [...]

You need to edit it like this:

[...] animationSpeed:300,slideshow:0,directionNav:!0, [...]
Note: considering that these changes are made directly into the scripts.min.js file, you'll have to do them after each theme update.