Slider navigation

If you want to change the navigation buttons position so that when you click a portfolio image to make the navigation buttons bottom or top left justified as opposed to center left justified

.swiper-nav {
   top: 100%;
   margin-top: -40px;
   left: 0;

In order to set a hovering mode on the slider controls, in order to make it disapear/appear when you hover the mouse over it (so that it doesn't show up over the picture while watching) use this code:

#postSlider .swiper-nav {
   visibility: hidden !important;   
   -webkit-transition: all 200ms linear;
   transition: all 200ms linear;
#postSlider:hover .swiper-nav {
   visibility: visible !important;
   opacity: 1;

Please paste the code inside the dedicated area for  Custom CSS Code under the Theme Options Panel.