Twitter error

If you're having issues with the plugin oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers and the twitter feed installed fail to load it might be a really weird problem that a few of us encoutered. I also got the error once, but after i've resaved the js_composer file it worked.

Please try this really weird solution (i've written both for GoodWork and other themes):

  1. Go to Plugins > Editor and select the Krown Shortcodes plugin (or Visual Composer depending on the theme)
  2. Select the shortcodes.php file (or config/shortcodes-front.php)
  3. Hit the Update File button.

After the updating of the file where you have the error (the file is also written there in the error which appears on your site so if it's not the same, you can try open it inside your FTP editor and just save it without doing nothing else), the theme should work well again.

IDEA: There is absolutely nothing wrong in the theme which could be changed. The issue is really strange, because you just need to save the file again, thing that i cannot explain to myself. That's why i cannot release any update to fix this error, since theoretically there is no error :-/