The theme already provides three color options to make the theme as customizable as possible, but there might be other colors which are not affected by these options, so we will take the most common ones in this article.

Sidebar menu color

If you're using a light color for the sidebar, you would want to change the menu's color or opacity (the code below affects both text and icons):

#menu li a, #menu .top-menu li:before {   
   color: #fff;   
   opacity: .7; 

Headings & text color

h1 a, h2 a, h3 a, h4 a, h5 a, h6 a {    
   color: #000; 
body {    
   color: #000; 

These are only a few of the colors which can be modified, but you can basically modify absolutely every color in the theme with basic CSS styling.

Please paste the code you inside the dedicated area for Custom CSS Code under the Theme Options Panel.