Autoplay slideshow on fullscreen slider page

In order to enable the fullscreen slider to automatically scroll you need to open the scripts.min.js (from the theme's js folder) via FTP and search for page-template-template-slideshow-php. You will find two places where this string appears, but only one needs your attention. See the one which continues like this:

}if(c.hasClass("page-template-template-slideshow-php")){var xa=a("#slideshow");xa.swiper({mode:"horizontal",loop:!0,calculateHeight:!1, grabCursor:!0,centeredSlides:!0,useCSS3Transforms:!0,resizeReInit:!0,updateOnImagesReady:!0,createPagination:!1,noSwiping:!0,noSwipingClass:"no-swipe",autoplay:0,speed:800,resistance:!1,keyboardControl:!0,onImagesReady:function(b){a(b.slides).find("img").del

See the autoplay:0 before the speed property? That's the place where you should put your autoplay value (in milliseconds). 4 seconds would mean 4000 and so on.