Logo height

If you are using a logo taller than 46px you need to add some custom CSS in order to make the entire menu act and behave properly. Let’s say that your logo is 100px tall. First, you need to change the size in the Theme Customizer, and after you’ve done that, this is the custom CSS code which you need to tweak and use:

.top-menu > li > a {
  padding-top: 73px; /* logo height - 37 */
  padding-bottom: 80px; /* logo height - 20 */
.sub-menu {
  top: 161px; /* logo height + 61 */
#main-cart .widget_shopping_cart {
  top: 93px; /* logo height - 17 */
.w-sticky.sactive #main-cart .widget_shopping_cart {
  top: 66px; /* logo height - 34 */

Please use the code inside the dedicated area for Custom CSS Code under the Theme Options Panel and adjust the values after your own needs.