Install the theme and setup demo content

There are two ways to install the theme:

  • FTP Upload: Unzip the “” file and upload the contents into the /wp-content/themes folder on your server.
  • Wordpress UploadNavigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload. Go to browser, and select the zipped theme folder. Hit “Install Now” and the theme will be uploaded and installed.

Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to  Appearance > Themes and activate your chosen theme. 

Install the plugins

After activating the theme, you will be prompted to install a couple of plugins required by the theme:

  • Krown Portfolio - this is the plugin which activates the portfolio & gallery custom post types. It doesn’t require any setup, just installation and activation, for the theme to have portfolios / galleries.
  • Revolution Slider - this is the the awesome layered slider which can be used anywhere in the theme. Read the documentation for it here!
  • Visual Composer - the actual page builder (shortcode editor) of the theme. It comes with some of the original plugin shortcodes and some custom crafted shortcodes.
  • oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers - this isn’t a critical plugin, but it is needed if you want to use the twitter widget anywhere in your website. More about how to work with it later on.

Please understand that this is a bundled version of the Visual Composer plugin and some features are intentionally disabled and some shortcodes are missing. This is normal and it doesn't affect your website with anything - you can still create the awesome website with all the elements that we advertise in the online preview.

If you do not see the notice to install these plugins or miss it somehow, you can go to Appearance > Install Plugins and you’ll see the full list there.

Another plugin which will not popup here is WooCommerce. This plugin is only useful if you want to have a shop on your website, otherwise you can skip it. So if you do need it, please download it from here:

This plugin has it’s own documentation available here:

Import the demo content

There is an xml import file in the download  ("better-import.xml"), which can be used to achieve a near example of the online demo. Please note that the images which you see online will not be available when you do the import, since they’re copyrighted.

This is a great starting point for your website, as you’ll be able to delete everything at any time and only keep what you need, that start from there!

To use it, go to  Tools > Import > WordPress and upload the xml file, choose to import everything, hit the button and wait. 

Please note that this import is not perfect and it might fail sometimes, but it’s a good solution if you can’t or don’t know where to get started. 

Read this  troubleshooting guide  if you encounter any issues. 
UP NEXT: Theme options & customizer