Show tertiary footer only on selected pages

By default, the tertiary footer is shown on all pages. But if you would like to display it only on selected pages, you could filter out the pages where you don’t want to see it through custom CSS, like this:

.page-template-template-blog-php #tertiary-footer, .archive #tertiary-footer, .single #tertiary-footer, .single-portfolio #tertiary-footer, .search #tertiary-footer, .page-id-27 #tertiary-footer, .page-id-1029 #tertiary-footer, .page-id-1509 #tertiary-footer, .page-id-1514 #tertiary-footer, .page-id-1519 #tertiary-footer {
	display: none;

The code above will hide the footer on the blog page template, on the archives pages, on the single posts, on the single projects, on the search page and on 5 different pages, identified by their unique id’s. You can take the example above and do the same wherever you want.