Shortcode Tricks

I’ve already written about two custom classed which can be used for achieving a full width portfolio. Other cool extra classes which can be added to any shortcode are:

  • more-space: adds an extra padding of 25px top/bottom
  • even-more-space: adds an extra padding of 50px top/bottom
  • reduce-space: reduces the top margin of the shortcode with 50px
  • reduce-more-space: the same as above, but with 100px

There are also some shortcode-specific custom classes available:

  • no-hide-controls: if you add this class to the Tour Shortcode (Content Slider) the controls will always be visible. They won’t hide on mouse leave.
  • addk: this class adds a “K” character on pie’s label values. It is useful for refering to thousands of something.
  • row-full: when added to a row, this class makes the container of that row to become full width. No more 1140px grid system, but a 100% fluid grid can be achieved with this class (as in the full width portfolio).
  • full-width-portfolio: explained above.
  • parallax-bg: animates a row’s background on scrolling