Vimeo/Youtube embedding

There are a few steps when adding your own videos in the project windows.

1. You need to create a gallery (like you would do with an image gallery in the project media).  see first screenshot below

2. After the gallery is created (or in the process), you have the possibility to attach an iframe or an mp4 file. The mp4 file needs to be a video file uploaded on your server, and you need to write the full path there. The iframe object should be the src of an iframe (the actual embedding URL).  see second screenshot below

3. If something doesn't work, it means that it is not properly configured. For example, a lot of users just copy & paste the entire embedding code that they get from YouTube or Vimeo. This is wrong - you need to copy only the url.   see third screenshot below

So again, what should you write in that field?


  • Entire embedding code
  • Vimeo or YouTube page url


  • Iframe (embedding code) src part  (example: