If slider cursors don't work

The slider's custom cursors are based on *.svg files. Unfortunately, this format doesn't work out of the box on some hosting services (though it works on the majority).

So if you see that your website is not displaying the navigation arrows for the slider, you have two options:

#1 Contact your hosting company and ask them to add SVG support in the .htaccess file of your website. Or, do this yourself by opening your root .htaccess file and add the following after the last line:

# Add SVG Mime Types
AddType image/svg+xml svg
AddType image/svg+xml svgz

Save the file and you’re done! This should work in most cases. However, if for some reasons this doesn't work, see point #2.

#2 You can swap the *.svg files with some *.png cursors (this doesn't work prior to v1.1.2). They won't be as sharp as the old files on high dpi screens, but at least these will definitely work. So just add the following code snippet into Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS:

.maskee:not(.hide-nav).arrow-left .slide[data-background="light"] {
   cursor: url(images/svg-arrow-left-dark.png), w-resize;
   cursor: url(images/svg-arrow-left-dark.png) 12 21, auto;
.maskee:not(.hide-nav).arrow-left .slide[data-background="dark"] {
   cursor: url(images/svg-arrow-left-light.png), w-resize;
   cursor: url(images/svg-arrow-left-light.png) 12 21, auto;
.maskee:not(.hide-nav).arrow-right .slide[data-background="light"] {
   cursor: url(images/svg-arrow-right-dark.png), w-resize;
   cursor: url(images/svg-arrow-right-dark.png) 12 21, auto;
.maskee:not(.hide-nav).arrow-right .slide[data-background="dark"] {
   cursor: url(images/svg-arrow-right-light.png), w-resize;
   cursor: url(images/svg-arrow-right-light.png) 12 21, auto;

Replace images/ with an absolute path to your theme folder's images folder. For example:

cursor: url(http://yourwebsite.com/wp-content/themes/alpha/images/svg-arrow-right-light.png) 12 21, auto;

Thanks it!