Adding Projects

The process of adding projects is quite similar to adding posts:

1. Go to Portfolio > Add New

2. Enter a title and some content.

3. Choose a category or more. This is a must, because these categories will be used to filter projects in the grid.

4. Set a featured image. The size of the featured images depends on the number of columns that you want to use and whether you want this to be retina ready or not, but as a general rule, you should upload images as large as possible and let the theme do the cropping.

If you’re really picky about thumbnails, these are the sizes from the demo:

  • 4 columns (style #1) - 255x193
  • 3 columns (style #1) - 353x266
  • 4 columns (style #2) - 285x215
  • 3 columns (style #2) - 380x287
  • full width - as large as possible :)

For changing these standard sizes, please refer to the Tips & Tricks section.

5. Write some content.

6. Setup the slider and project options (more info below).

7. Write a few words excerpt(it is good for search results and SEO to have an excerpt, no matter what kind of content do you have in your page).

8. Hit “Publish” and you’re all done.

You’ll see two sections below the content window. These sections control everything related to the projects.

Project Media

This is the actual gallery. When you choose to create the gallery you will be taken to the WordPress default Media Manager. With it you can upload a large amount of images for your project or choose images from the media library, thus being able to save a lot of time when creating your projects.

Make sure that you don’t exaggerate with the number of images in each project, because each image will make the project load slower.

About sizes, just use whatever you’re comfortable with. There is no default or optimal size, since all the projects are highly customizable and support anything. A final note, your images will never be resized more than their original size!

You can also use an instance of the Revolution Slider for the project.

1. Project type

As seen in the online demo, there are four project types available in the portfolio:

  • Big slider - a slider which will be contained in the fixed boundries of the website will be added at the top of the project.
  • Full width slider - this project will feature a slider that extends up to the margins of the screen.
  • Three quarter slider - this project has the slider in the left of the text and the text in the right. Useful for projects with less text than images.
  • No slider - just use your imagination.

2. Sharing buttons

Really simple - enable or disable the sharing buttons in the project.

3. Like button

Really simple - enable or disable the like button in the project. If you want to disable the like feature as overall, please refer to the Tips & Tricks section.

UP NEXT: Theme Shortcodes